Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is exclusive beat ?

Exclusive beats means the beat will only be sold once to a single music artist. That artist then owns the beat. The beat will never be sold again. click here to read more.

What is the price of your exclusive beats?

Our exclusive beats Start at $99. Sometime we judge some beats as “Potential hit” so their price may be a little much than $99.

What do i received when i buy exclusive beats from you?

You receive mp3 files + separated wav files (tracked out) of the beat and an exclusive signed contract wich gives you full rights to the beat. click here to read more.

Is it safe to make a purchase on your website ?

Yes it is totally safe. when you ready to make your purchase you’ll be redirected to our completely SSL secured payment processor 2checkout.com to complete your purchase. We have been partner with them for 4 years now and never had complain with our customers since the beginning.

Are beats removed from the website once purchased ?

when you purchase the exclusive beats the beat is marked as sold out and left on the site for promotional purpose but will not be available for sale or download. If you want the beat to be removed from the website, we will remove it.

What happens when a customer buy a beat from you and writes a song over it? is there any music publishing splits?

No as you can read in our Beats terms, we dont receive any publishing splits. you completely owns the money you made out of your song.

Can you give me the scale of the beat i purchased ?

yes we can give you the scale of the beat you have purchased.

Do you use samples

No we don’t. You don’t have to worry about clearing any samples because all the beats are made using copyright-free or licenced sounds.

Do you offer customized beats serveices

Yes we do custom beat. Click here to tell us more about your project and your budget.

What is the difference between you and the other website?

We only sell exclusive beats with full right and sold to a unique artist. no lease here. We don’t focus on making a lot of money out of the beats because first of all we all have other jobs and music is a passion for us and to be able to help upcoming artist getting affordable and professional exclusive beats for their projects and to be able to collaborate and give them our feedback after the songs are done is already grateful for us.

What does the yellow stars in front of the name of certains beats means ?

It means that the beats is a potential hit if you use it correctly. sometimes these beats cost a little more than the regular $99.

How do I give credit to the Producer?

Just write the producer’s name in front of the song title like so
Your song name (Prod. by Producer name)

Can i modify the beat after purchase?

Yes you can chop loops modify as you want after purchases.

Which software do you use

Most of us use Fl Studio to make beats.

How often do you add exclusive beats?

Since the beats are only sold to one artist it is difficult to maintain the site updated with new beats everyday but we do our best to always post new beats every week !